Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach

New Haven
Oct 18, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Position: Co-Teacher

Reports to: Principal

Job Goal: The goal of the co-teacher will be to work with a mentor teacher to build a safe, orderly, and positive classroom community including all students in complete collaboration with Co-Teacher

Required Qualifications: Applicant must hold an Elementary, K-6 Connecticut Certification.

Preferred Qualifications: Ideal candidates are new to the teaching profession and have less than 2 years experience. Successful candidates are highly-skilled collaborators who prefer the challenge and fun of teamwork. S(he) will be a creative thinking who is solutions oriented, hardworking, and enjoys a challenge.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Communicate and plan with your co-teacher on a regular, ongoing basis (before school, during school hours, with the children, after school)

Plan units of study and lessons by following the NHPS Curriculum framework for Literacy, Math, Social Studies and Science

Write and implement learning objectives that are challenging and measurable, and are based on Common Core standards as well as student assessment data

Utilize a common approach to behavior management, time management, classroom organization and appearance, planning, teaching, and monitoring learning

Remain open and honest with co-teacher, speaking out when issues arise

Work with co-teacher to implement modifications and accommodations for students with IEPs

Monitor IEP goals for students

See the classroom as a shared space

Split up responsibilities and roles as much as possible Collaboration with Staff

Attend staff meetings and development sessions

Participate actively in the school's established professional development structures

Discuss curriculum and planning in weekly grade team meetings

Meet and work with the instructional coaches based on individual or classroom needs

Meet (individually or with co-teacher) with the principal and assistant principal to monitor student progress, co-teaching, and professional goals

Collaboration with Families

Build a rapport with families

Meet with families three times a year (report card conferences)

Involve families through classroom student work celebrations and volunteer opportunities Timeframe and compensation

Assist with staff coverage when necessary