Principal Engineer R&D

Morson International (IT)
New York
Oct 18, 2016
Oct 21, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
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Job description:
1. R & D engineers, with strong technological breakthroughs ability to complete large, complex projects independently/architecture design, system analysis and design modules, and complete coding tasks leading to ensure the progress and quality of the project;
2. optimize system performance, leading technology research problems, continue to improve the system in large-scale distributed systems environments of high concurrency, high processing performance massive request number under the system technology to solve all kinds of potential risks, to ensure system security, stability, fast run.
Jjob requirements:
1. a comprehensive literacy solid programming skills, focusing SAAS application development, and a deep understanding of PAAS, IAAS layer principle mechanism; understand network, hardware, databases and other underlying works, engaged in cloud computing technology class workers a priority;
2. adequate testing literacy, understanding and flexibility in the use of software engineering quality assurance system;-based automated test analysis, practical experience in the implementation of the
3. have a good identification and design of a common framework and implementation capacity of the module;
4. love technology, serious, rigorous, learning ability, good at innovation, the system almost demanding quality consciousness, good communication and teamwork;
5. with large E-commerce websites or financial industry system development, design work experience is preferred; leading foreign work experience is preferred;
6. Chinese is a must.