Chem Depend Counselor III

Northwell Health (Formerly North Shore-LIJ)
Staten Island
Oct 18, 2016
Oct 25, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
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Chem Depend Counselor IIIJob Description As a Chemical Dependency Counselor you will provide screening, orientation, assessment, and counseling services to patients. Perform individual and group counseling to patients and families. Coordinate intakes and contributes to the treatment process.

Responsibilities Include:
Application / Assessment / IntakeAnswers calls from individuals seeking information and assistance related to chemical dependency issues and related problems. Offers basic information regarding chemical dependency and service availability, provides immediate crisis intervention if necessary and completes the pre-screening form and establishes intake appointments, as requested.Interviews applicants who request admission and completes designated counseling sections of Integrated Assessment Form. Provides applicants with an overview of the nature and goals of treatment. Explores various treatment options available and explains system of levels of service.Identifies problem areas to be treated and lists them as part of the Clinical Formulation/Integrated Summary of the Integrated Assessment Form. Indicates applicant's strengths and completes Axis I, II, IV, and V. Provides basic information to program Physician or Physician's Assistant completing the medical sections of Integrated Assessment Form. Informs them of any potential problems or concerns, and makes recommendations for treatment based on applicant's needs, as well as eligibility and appropriateness for admission to particular modality and level of care.Provides referrals to those not accepted into treatment.Recognizes possible signs and symptoms of co-occurring psychiatric disorders in patients and recommends evaluation by a psychiatrist to medical staff.Treatment Planning Reviews information from Integrated Assessment Form and presents the information to assigned interdisciplinary team at case conference.Interviews patients and coordinates efforts of the Interdisciplinary Treatment Team in order to develop an Initial Treatment Plan that clearly states problems to be treated, short/long term goals, specific activities to be taken, who is responsible for completing each activity, and time frames for completion.Interviews patients and completes Bio-psychosocial Addendum to obtain deeper understanding of the individual, history of their chemical dependency and reason for seeking treatment. Creates comprehensive diagnostic assessments.Monitors progress of patient in treatment and continually reviews Treatment Plan with patient in order to ensure continued relevance and encourage attainment of goals.Completes all treatment reviews as required by patient needs and regulatory requirementsUpdates treatment plan and obtains all necessary signatures and approvals, as required.Completes HIV Risk Assessment on a semi-annual basis for all patients receiving outpatient services, and provides follow-up in accordance with departmental policy.Initiates discharge planning process. Finalizes aftercare plan and makes all necessary referrals. Completes Discharge Summary at time of release.Case Management Functions as a case manager with overall responsibility for providing oversight of treatment being provided, including establishment and continued review of treatment goals. Coordinates referrals and engagement in ancillary support services, and resolves any problems being experienced by patient.Completes Financial Assessment Form on a semi-annual basis for all outpatients. Follows up on collection and billing issues and addresses outstanding balances in excess of program limits, as required.Serves as primary contact to insurance carriers and managed care companies. Ensures patients are appropriately certified and assists with obtaining entitlements.Monitors toxicology testing, records results in patient's chart, addresses results with patients, and initiates appropriate follow-up actions.Functions as a patient advocate to assist with attaining all necessary services in an appropriate setting and within reasonable time frames.Collaborates with family and/or significant others to develop support systems necessary to further treatment goals and positively impact on the individual's ability to achieve/maintain recovery.Monitors attendance, provides appointment reminders, and follows up on missed visits, as required.Schedules clients for all appointments and activities and/or follow-up care in accordance with departmental policy and within expected time frames.Provides patients with referrals to appropriate services in accordance with identified needs and assists patient with accessing desired services.Initiates and facilitates movement of patients between the levels of care and provides necessary orientation, education, assistance and support.Counseling Establishes a therapeutic rapport with each patient assigned to his/her caseload.Provides basic orientation to new patients regarding treatment, realistic expectations, treatment planning, and levels of care.Provides individual counseling to patients to assist them with identifying problems and exploring potential solutions. Sets realistic goals and develops implementation strategies. Builds upon their strengths and motivates them to further recovery.Provides crisis intervention and support when necessary and appropriate.Counsels individuals regarding value of completing treatment and adheres to department intervention policy in cases where patients are seeking to leave AMA.Facilitates group counseling sessions in accordance with departmental policies and procedures.Whenever possible and appropriate, engages family members and significant others in treatment process via individual, collateral, or group sessions.Provides gender specific treatment, recognizing the unique needs of chemically dependent women in treatment.Adapts counseling techniques to unique needs of women and/or patients with co-occurring psychiatric disorders.Patient Education Assists with identifying patient needs, development of appropriate educational activities, and selection of materials.Provides individual education and assistance to patients regarding a wide range of issues and in accordance with their identified needs and learning abilities.Provides educational group seminars to patients regarding issues associated with chemical dependency, healthy living, and recovery in a manner which encourages participation in the process via questions, written assignments, role playing, etc.Performs and/or assists with outreach activities designed to educate general public regarding chemical dependency and availability of treatment services, as well as further program goals.Assists patients with developing awareness of resources and options open to them and following through with accessing desired services.Environment and Emergency Situations Monitors patient whereabouts and behaviors and enforces unit policy and procedures regarding appropriate behavior.Communicates timely reports regarding any emergency or unusual situation that may have occurred, including information regarding specific situation, individuals involved, actions that were taken, any outcomes that resulted, and where appropriate, recommendations for improvements. Completes incident reports, as necessary.Documentation Records significant occurrences and events that impact upon patient and his/her program treatment.Documents activities, services, and referrals provided in accordance with departmental policies and procedures, as well as patient's response and ultimate outcome.Completes notes in accordance with policy, within specified time frames, and in a comprehensive and professional manner that relates back to treatment goals.Obtains required consents and/or releases and ensures they are fully completed in accordance with applicable policies. Follows up to ensure requested information was forwarded appropriately.Provides documentation required by third party payers and maintains ongoing, open communications.Completes departmental statistical reporting forms, as required.Completes OASAS PAS Admission and Discharge forms, HRA forms, and other required forms from other funding sources.Performance Improvement Participates in peer chart reviews and mentoring programs meant to ensure staff competencies.Completes and/or participates in assigned performance improvement activities and attends PI meetings and training sessions, as appropriate.Participates in unit specific or department-wide TQM/PI projects, as requested.Professional Development Participates in planning and development of specific in-service training sessions and professional departmental activities. Provides specific in-service training, as assigned.Participates in professional organizations and community activities related to chemical dependency.Attends community based addiction specific training sessions, seminars and conferences in order to further improve professional skills and/or is engaged in formal program of study related to furthering professional knowledge and credentials.Attends and participates in staff meetings, as instructed.Adheres to the SIUH Credo and OASAS Cannon of Ethical Principles.Qualifications Masters Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Community Services, Health Care, or related field, required.Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW), required.Must obtain Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor -Trainee (CASAC-T) or Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) within three (3) years of date of hire. Category: Social Services , Keywords: Addiction Counselor