Regional Sales & Training Manager

CAT Energy Systems, Inc.
Oct 18, 2016
Oct 26, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description:

Are You Interested In Energy Efficiency? We are seeking entrepreneurial Sales Pros to join our Green Team. With three positions available, there is an opportunity for all levels of sales experience. These positions include: • Regional Managers "Sales & Training Mangers" • Training Mangers - "Class ACT Trainers" • Authorized CAT Experts - "ACE Reps" Sales Production, Recruiting & Training overrides and bonus incentives make these very rewarding and powerful opportunities for experienced sales leaders. CAT Energy Systems, Inc., a division of ESAI, has been in business for 8 years, is debt free, and has an A+ BBB rating with customers in 27 States. Our Flagship product is our reflective insulation technology & Solar Attic Fans - our Cool Attic Technology, C.A.T. System, offering homeowners' immediate savings on their utility bills and every month for as long as they live in their home. The average personal income on each CAT sale is $2,404. (40% of sale amount!) This is, hands down, the best Sales & Regional Manager Training opportunity in America today. Make just one "1" sale per week for an average annual income of $115,390. Our top "Part-Time" sales rep has made 58 sales YTD - Average of 1.8 sales per week. (Jan-Aug) Our top "Full-Time" sales rep has made 103 sales YTD - Average of 3.2 sales per week. (Jan-Aug) If you're confident in your ability to make in-home presentations and close the sale at the kitchen table, then call to schedule an interview today at 257-6155. Many of our Reps have discovered CAT Energy Systems to be the most inspiring, and the final, career they've been looking for! What sets us apart? "AARP Article" Top Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off!", #1 - Insulate your home! ?? NASA developed technology products that offer superior results ?? Prospect base is the largest untapped market in the energy efficiency industry, virtually every home owner. ?? No installation responsibilities ?? Team Sales Overrides ?? Incentive Packages ?? Powerful Marketing Tools ?? Mailing Campaigns to Qualified Homeowners ?? Residual Income with Customer Referral Program?? The major benefits to our customers include: 1) Monthly utility savings, increased home value, and more comfort upon CAT System installation.2) NASA developed technology products that offer superior results.3) Every Customer receives a Guarantee of Savings Certificate.4) We save up to 50% on our homeowner's utility bills every month for as long as they live in their home! "The only reason a homeowner doesn't have our C.A.T. System in their attic is because they don't know about it, yet! " Send your resume or call today!

Company Description:

CAT Energy systems, Inc. is a division of ESAI, a nationwide energy efficiency company based in Des Moines, Iowa. Our Cool Attic Technology "CAT" System include our Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation & Solar Attic Fans. With Customers in 27 States, CAT Energy Systems is expanding rapidly, training sales reps in every city across America!

"The only reason a home owner doesn't have our CAT in their attic is because they don't know about it, yet!"