Department of Veterans Affairs
West Haven
Oct 17, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
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Full Time

West Haven, CT


This position is located at the VA Medical Center in West Haven, CT. The person in this position works in the Facilities Management Service specializing as a journeyman level Plumber having an extensive knowledge of plumbing methods and techniques. Must also have a basic knowledge in occupations; i.e., Electrical, Air Conditioning, Plastering, Carpentry, and Painting. Typical work assignments include the performance of visual examinations and operational tests to determine the need for and the performance of repair work at the worker level of difficulty and responsibility of the various trades indicated. Other duties include:

* Performs maintenance and repair, alterations, installation and inspections to all piping distribution lines, systems and equipment necessary for operating a Medical Center;

* Installs new piping and insulations; cleans and repairs steam coils, traps and regulators; repacks and replaces steam, water and other fluid valves;

* Measures, cuts, and bends pipe and tile;

* Caulks and seals such things as elbows, union joints, tile pipe, faucets, and shower drains;

* Removes, cleans, reinstalls, or replaces joints and fixtures for example traps, k faucets, and unions;

* Hooks up equipment (water heaters and disposal units) to installed systems, and replaces sections of pipe and tile by following previously used routes, hangers, and levels;

* Plans and lays out the installation and maintenance of various systems and equipment for routing, openings, slant, level of gas and water lines, and the location and arrangement of water closets, sinks, and fire sprinkler equipment;

* Interprets and applies building plans and blueprints, uses shop mathematics, and lays out such things as angles, arcs and circles;

* Rearranges old or installs new electrical outlets, relays, switches, and light fixtures in existing systems and tests circuits;

* Utilizes knowledge of the refrigeration cycle of a variety of systems to make visual, audible, and mechanical checks;

* Utilizes knowledge of plastering trade practices and be able to apply commonly accepted work methods and techniques;

* Utilizes knowledge of painting standard surface preparation and coating methods/techniques; and

* Performs other duties assigned by supervisor.

Work Schedule: Monday thru Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm OR Monday thru Friday, 3:00pm - 11:30pm.

* Summary

* OUR MISSION: To fulfill President Lincolns promise To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan by serving and honoring the men and women who are Americas Veterans. How would you like to become a part of a team providing compassionate care to Veterans?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) needs employees who possess the energy, compassion, and commitment to serve those who served our Country. Whatever the job title, every position in VA will give you a chance to make a meaningful and personal contribution to the lives of truly special and deserving people - our Veterans. VA professionals feel good about their careers and their ability to balance work and home life. VA offers generous paid time off and a variety of predictable and flexible scheduling opportunities. Working for VA is one of the most emotionally satisfying and professionally rewarding ways to dedicate the best within you to your Country's service.

If you are transitioning from the military or a Veteran already, we invite you to explore the benefits of continuing your career at the VA. The VA is committed to hiring Veterans. The VA is much more than just another employer. It is an honorable, open and welcoming community of those who care. Gratitude is our motivation and service is our mission.

The VA has adopted Core Values and Characteristics that apply universally across the Department. The five Core Values define who we are, our culture, and how we care for Veterans, their families and other beneficiaries. The Values are Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence (I CARE).

America's Veterans need you! To find out more, go to

* Qualifications & Evaluations

* Applicants will be rated in accordance with the OPM Qualification Standard Handbook X-118C (). For this position, the job element method is used to match what you, the applicant, can do against what the work calls for. Your knowledge, skills and abilities will be compared to the knowledge, skills and abilities (called job elements) needed for success. Your qualifications will first be evaluated against the prescribed screen out element (WG-2 and higher only; screen-outs are not applicable to WG-1). Applicants who appear to meet the screen out element are considered for further rating; those who do not are rated ineligible and are eliminated from consideration. The potential eligibles are rated against the remainder of the job elements. While a specific length of training and experience is not required, your responses to the questionnaire must be supported by detailed descriptions of your experience on your resume.

You will be rated on the following Job Elements as part of the assessment questionnaire for this position:

* Ability to do the work of a plumber without more than normal supervision (Screen Out)

* Knowledge of plumbing theories and practices

* Technical Practices

* Ability to troubleshoot problems and determine method of repair

* Ability to read and interpret instructions, specifications, blueprints, etc.

* Ability to use and maintain tools and equipment

Physical Effort & Work Conditions: The duties require considerable movement around the hospital and involve bending, lifting, working from ladders and scaffolding and platforms, both in the outside buildings, and crawling through restrictive areas. The plumber must occasionally lift equipment or materials weighing fifty pounds or more with proper equipment. Assignments may require him/her to stand, stoop, kneel, climb and work in tiring and uncomfortable positions.

Work conditions vary based on the location in which work is performed. Work areas are frequently hot, humid and dirty. There is often exposure to live steam lines and other utility lines which makes work hazardous. Work is occasionally required from ladders, scaffolds, staging, catwalks, etc. The plumber is exposed to extremes of heat and cold, dust dirt, noise, grease, bad smelling fumes, moisture, as well as outside the normal indoor environment of the hospital. The work environment includes crawl spaces and interstitial spaces. He/she may occasionally be exposed to disease, bad weather, and danger from flying splinters and chips, respiratory ailments. He/she has frequent exposure to the possibility of scrapes, bums, infections, cuts, and bruises. Occasionally, the plumber may be required to wear protective equipment and clothing that are sometimes heavy and uncomfortable.

IN DESCRIBING YOUR KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES, PLEASE BE CLEAR AND SPECIFIC. WE WILL NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. If your resume does not support your questionnaire answers, we will not allow credit for your responses.

Applicants will be ranked based on three quality groups, as follows:

* Best Qualified - applicants possessing knowledge, skills and abilities that substantially exceed the minimum qualifications of the position and who are highly proficient in all requirements of the job and can perform effectively in the position;

* Well Qualified - applicants possessing knowledge, skills and abilities that exceed the minimum qualification of the position and who are proficient in most of the requirements of the job;

* Qualified - applicants possessing knowledge, skills and abilities that meet the minimum qualifications of the position.

After the vacancy announcement closes, reviewed applications are evaluated against the questionnaire responses and placed in the appropriate quality group. Qualified veterans will be afforded preference by being placed at the top of the appropriate quality group. Qualifying veterans with a service-connected disability of 10% or more will be placed at the top of the best-qualified group. The best-qualified group is the first to be referred to the hiring facility for further consideration and possible interview. The remaining groups may be referred based on the number of applicants available.

* Benefits & Other Info

* VA offers a comprehensive benefits package. This link provides is an overview of the benefits currently offered:

The Federal Government has special excepted appointing authorities for persons with qualifying disabilities, such as Schedule A. Specific information can be found at IMPORTANT: If you would like to receive consideration as a Schedule A applicant, you must contact the Human Resources office at the facility where this position is located at .