Director of Engineering

New Haven
Oct 14, 2016
Oct 26, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description:

PurpleSun is the HOT up and coming Healthcare Technology Startup of New York. We are focused on providing smart, light-based technology solutions to the healthcare industry for infection prevention, diagnostics and treatment. Summary: This is not a regular job. PurpleSun is on a mission to move mountains in healthcare and this role is only for the strong hearted. You have a real opportunity to make a significant impact to healthcare and surgical operations in hospitals across the country and the World. You will be working on commercializing next generation light based technology solutions for rapid medical equipment disinfection. As an early member, you will build on the technical foundation to assemble the initial core technical team. You will be a critical contributor in PurpleSun's Technology hub and exercise a significant amount of responsibility. Working closely with the Founder and industry expert advisors, you will lead your technical team to serve the company's established health system partners and commercialize our flagship product. Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities: You will be providing close, hands-on leadership for the design, development, and execution of new product development projects. You will have ownership for driving effective methods to ensure cost, schedule, quality and validation to performance metrics for PurpleSun's flagship product. You will also provide key leadership for our technical talent pipelines, identifying critical skill-sets, integrating acquisitions, and optimizing our R&D. We need you to have extensive experience in the design, development, integration, and deployment of new and upgraded products. You will also: + Manage the short-term and long-term technology and product programs+ Grow and deploy the intellectual property portfolio+ Perform offsite and onsite customer analysis for hospital infection control related activities + Make internal and customer-facing technical presentations+ Communicate daily with CEO and other team members+ Be a team player and contribute to startup-like activities as needed Key Milestones and Productions:O Completion of market ready product O Set up manufacturingO Launch PurpleSun Unit Experience & Skills Required:+ Successful in a fast paced startup environment+ Able to handle stress with flexibility of a constantly changing horizon+ Able to deliver extensive new product introductions / product launches+ BS Degree (mechanical or electrical engineering discipline)+ Advanced degrees in Engineering or Engineering Management+ 15 years of engineering industry experience with 7 years managing personnel and complex activities + Medical device / equipment industry+ Proficient problem solving skills and self starter+ United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulatory experiences a plus

Company Description:

PurpleSun is the up and coming Healthcare Technology Startup of New York. We are focused on providing smart, light-based technology solutions to the healthcare industry for infection prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

With a list of notable accolades at the state and federal levels, and a global intellectual property portfolio, PurpleSun earned venture backing from Wall Street Angel investors in 2013- leading to recent commitments from large strategic corporate investors to fuel the company through its next phases of growth.

Before you is an opportunity to join PurpleSun on the following mission: Impact the life of every patient and position their care for optimal success

Our company's novel light technology platform will be utilized throughout hospital and surgical categories. The smart devices will set the stage for patient safety through the highest of quality in medical equipment disinfection. PurpleSun aims to shift the industry by replacing today's manual liquid chemical process, with a beautiful one-click light technology. The clinical data proves the efficacy of our platform and positions PurpleSun to illuminate the healthcare arena.

PurpleSun is seeking clinical leaders as the company works to commercialize its flagship product. New members joining the company will enjoy the vibrant trials and tribulations of a true startup. This dedicated, hands-on team will be the first key elements of management and roles will naturally have significant scalability.

We believe in being agile and fierce by utilizing new generation communication and IT tools for efficiency, resourcefulness and teamwork. This approach will enable PurpleSun to grow rapidly for many years.