Stylist In Training (740-ST00I-1016)

Regis Haircare Corporation
Oct 12, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time

A stylist-in-training at Regis is a temporary 90-day position designed to integrate an unlicensed, future stylist into the salon workplace and to help them learn the business. It is the stylist-in-training's responsibility to deliver exceptional customer service and to communicate effectively with management, customers, and co-workers. Specifically, the stylist-in-training's job duties include:

* Market and grow the business

* Observe other stylists/managers at work and ask relevant questions

* Provide exceptional customer service

* Control expenses

* Promote and sell services and retail products

* Answer telephones, stock and dust shelves, and sweep hair

* Complete all other duties as assigned by manager

The stylist-in-training may be eligible for a promotion to the stylist position once they receive their license. A promotion to stylist is not automatically guaranteed. The stylist-in-training must apply for the stylist position to be considered for promotion. To be considered for the promotion, the stylist-in-training must: 1) possess a valid appropriate license in his/her applicable state of employment; 2) have the ability to perform the duties of the license requirements that their state allows, including, but not limited to: cutting, styling, coloring, providing wax treatments, and washing and perming hair with or without an accommodation; and 3) demonstrate that they practice Regis values of honesty, accountability, integrity, and respect.


* Must graduate from an accredited cosmetology school and obtain the necessary license(s) to perform salon services within or before 90 days of hire-date

* Ability to work in a dynamic salon environment

* Good time management skills, good judgment, and the ability to multi-task

* Well-developed interpersonal skills to communicate in a professional and courteous manner with customers, co-workers, and management

* Computer knowledge including but not limited to point-of-sale systems and data entry

* Ability to work a flexible schedule including nights and weekends

Essential Functions

Market and Grow the Business:

* Promote and sell services and products, including recommending and selling additional services and/or retail products which will enhance and improve the customer's image and/or contribute to the customer's satisfaction with services performed

* Clearly convey a complete understanding of pricing for available services

* Coordinate Promotional Sales displays as directed by the company using ShopTalk

* Responsible for sales to walk-in retail customers

Provide Exceptional Customer Service:

* Understand the needs of the customer, greet each customer professionally by name, escort all clients through the salon, give salon tour when necessary

* Estimate wait times for scheduled and unscheduled appointments

* Answer the telephone promptly and professionally

* Handle general complaints and refer customer service issues to the manager

Manage and Control Expenses:

* Follow weekly salon schedules as directed by Salon Manager

* Correctly charge for services rendered and products purchased, including proper discounting according to Company policy

* Safeguard company assets by adhering to company policies and procedures

Complete Required Administrative Tasks/Compliance:

* Perform a variety of tasks related to assisting salon operations, including but not limited to: answering telephones, stocking shelves, sweeping hair and other duties as assigned by manager

* Communicate effectively with management, customers and co-workers in a professional and courteous manner

* Maintain and uphold safety standards by identifying and correcting conditions that affect salon safety

* Attend work timely and consistently, including attending mandatory staff meetings, training sessions or as otherwise required by management

* Adhere to all corporate policies, procedures and work rules

* Handle all POS transactions including opening and closing the register

Physical Requirements and Work Environment

* Frequent lifting up to 10 lbs. to stock retail shelves. Occasional lifting 10-25 lbs. to assist unloading monthly shipment of products.

* Continuous standing throughout the day

* Continuous reaching, alternating between shoulder level and above shoulder level height to stock shelves.

* Occasional pushing and pulling to move styling chair.

* Continuous exposure to various chemicals and fragrances used in performing services and styling hair, including but not limited to permanent solutions, straightening solutions, shampoos, conditioners, hair spray and client perfume.

* Occasional climbing of ladder/stepstool to stock shelves, retrieve products and maintain salon.

* Ability to communicate with customers regarding services offered and requested and the customer's needs and wants.

* Basic reading, writing and mathematical skills necessary to read and complete company forms and other documents.

* Occasional travel to mandatory meetings and training sessions, including overnight travel.