Part Time Preschool Teacher

Naugatuck Public Schools
Oct 11, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time


* Plans in conjunction with Team Group and conducts daily classroom activities in the areas of social, emotional, intellectual and physical development that promote growth and learning while maintaining an orderly, safe and healthy learning environment.

* Prepares supplies and educational materials required to implement daily activities in accordance with core curriculum. Plan, supervise and implement field trips.

* Administers and/or assist in all required developmental and medical screenings.

* Maintains educational file and records on each child.

* Supervises students during emergency drills, group functions, play periods, field trips and other non-classroom activities.

* Participates in team home visits (twice yearly), parent conferences, child studies and parent meetings as specified.

* Attends to non-instructional duties such as breakfast/lunch/snack count, toilet and clothing needs and maintenance of classroom materials and equipment.

* Participates in regularly scheduled staff and team meetings as well as in-service training, conferences and educational/professional programs that promote personal and program growth and development.

* Develops a specific yearly goal to further personal and/or program growth. Maintains high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information pertaining to students and program.

* Assists in other program areas as designated by the Director.


* Evidence of emotional maturity and stability, ability to work in a team environment.

* Acceptable oral and written communication skills.

* Ability to work in a warm, supportive and positive manner with parents, children and staff.

* Ability to maintain confidentiality.

* Good physical health. Physical demands such as lifting, reaching, pulling, pushing, squatting, crawling (floor activities).

EDUCATION: B.S. in Early Childhood or B.S. in related field with 12 ECE credits

EXPERIENCE: (1) year related experience in an Early Childhood Program

Supervised by: Program Manager

Approved by Policy Committee on February 11, 2014