Home and Appliances Deputy Content Editor

Consumer Reports
Oct 11, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Position Overview:

Consumer Reports is looking for a deputy editor to run day-to-day operations of the largest and most profitable consumer areas it covers, Home & Appliances. This tactical role involves managing a staff of editors and writers to create best-in-class content across a variety of platforms that operate on different schedules, ranging from breaking news to cross-platform feature packages-all while ensuring it's delivered in accordance with the broader content strategy.

The deputy also coordinates with the constituent contributors to various product categories, from testing to survey and beyond, and guides staff in developing content plans designed to have a positive impact on the consumer marketplace. A keen interest or expertise in the subject matter is all but essential.

Qualifications Include:

* College graduate or equivalent background with significant experience writing and editing the work of others and meeting rigid deadlines.

* Able to translate statistical and technical data into accurate, well-written, well-organized and compelling content in a range of media formats.

* Excellent organizational skills

* Well-developed judgment and a broad range of interests and knowledge

* Excellence in product coverage, supported by such growth opportunities as ongoing education courses, membership in professional associations, and involvement in industry/professional conferences.

* Understanding of the unique content needs and conventions across all platforms including print, website, social media

* Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software; knowledge of state-ofthe-art page design software such as K4

Key Responsibilities:

* Under the direction of the Content Team Leader, develops the content strategy for one or more assigned product or service categories/specialties.

* Manages a staff of editors, writers and market analysts to ensure the delivery of content in accordance with strategy, on time, consumer focused, accurate and compelling.

* Serves as the on-staff expert and spokesperson for the product or services categories to which it's assigned.

* Allocates work and plans, schedules, assigns, and edits content for one or more product or service categories, ensuring quality on-time delivery across multiple media formats and platforms. Hires, manages and develops a staff of program managers, writers, editors and market analysts, creating the team's vision and ambitions

* Ensures the organization maintains an appropriate level of internal and external expertise for the product or services categories it leads, and that all related content is current, effective, engaging and relevant.

* Interacts with manufacturers, governmental agencies, customers, etc. to represent test results.

* Coordinates the development of story components (surveys, questionnaires, test protocols, etc.) for assigned products or services.

* Actively participates as a senior member of a product testing and content team, conferring with other team members as necessary to ensure objectives for quality and timeliness are met.

* Ensures staff is correctly interpreting data and generating accurate and timely content. Edits and rewrites the work of subordinates as necessary. Performs other tasks as required


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