Highlight Producer

Oct 08, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Working at ESPN is unlike anything else. That's because we're always finding new ways to interact with fans - however and wherever they connect with sports. When you have the latest technology, game-changing ideas and world-class talent on your team, every day is extraordinary.

The Highlight Producer will operate within the context of defined sports news program concepts, objectives and outcomes and selects the highlights for assigned sports news programs independently with regular guidance from the responsible Coordinating Producer. In addition, will develop Productions Assistants as individuals and as sports-centric teams to raise the quality of highlight creation.

* Minimum 3 years of progressively complex related studio, sports news or related production experience with an emphasis on sports news programming

* Has a working ability to interpret sports news stories and to create and assemble compelling highlights to support the concept of the story

* Has a strong mastery of the sports production processes and the ability to create compelling highlights for assigned sports news programs

* Has a strong knowledge of real-time sports productions

* Has and applies some knowledge of what highlights to use for assigned sports news programs

* Strong communication skillsAbility to work under pressure and time sensitive deadlines

* High School Diploma or equivalent

* College degree in communications, journalism, television production or related field

* Coordinates the assigned production staff to create the entire body of work known as "highlights" for all ESPN's sports news programs

* Responsible for generating and researching highlight ideas. Leads a team of Production Assistants (PAs) to conceive of, plan and execute the production of highlights; influences the content, writing, editing style and story lines for shot sheets; recommends graphics, animation, telestration and editing; arranges game log scheduling and edit time for PAs; oversees highlights from start to finish; monitors editing to achieve the desired story line, pacing, and accuracy

* Provides continual development to Production Assistants in cutting highlights and related elements for studio-based programs

* Identifies highlights that interpret, augment and reinforce the content and concepts of sports news programs to tell the story of the game

* Acts as the final editor on all highlights to ensure accuracy and quality of content

* Works with the assignment desk in "rolling" on highlights

* In coordination with the assigned Producer, Manager - Highlights and assigned Coordinating Producer, creates highlights that augment and interpret informative and entertaining sports news programming

* Organizes and evaluates highlights for assigned sports news programs and stories; selects or participates in selecting the highlights for assigned sports news programs

* Adjusts highlights content and flow of highlights to accommodate, reinforce, interpret and support the content of assigned sports news programsProvides regular feedback to production assistants

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