Sales Performance Coach - Market Manager

Southwestern Consulting
Oct 01, 2016
Oct 26, 2016
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Direct Employer
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Full Time
Job Description:

Job Description - What we are looking for in a Coach / Market Manager Our coaches are Top Producers first and coaches second. What makes SWC's coaching program different from any other coaching program in the world is that in order to be a coach at SWC, first and foremost, you have to be a practitioner in the art of our business and sales. For over 160 years, Southwestern has trained, motivated and coached sales people and leaders to reach their goals in life. Some of our clients include: Bank of America, State Farm Insurance, DIRECTV, Mass Mutual, Northwestern Mutual, AFLAC, Xerox, Keller-Williams, Verizon Cellular Sales, Bridgestone Retail Operations, Wells Fargo and many more. The reason our team of coaches choose to work at SWC instead of being a lone-wolf is that we are a team of intra-preneurs, meaning individually, each one of our coaches could start and run their own company, however we recognize the power of a united team with a common mission to build something bigger than we could ever do as in individual. We are entrepreneurs who know that two is better than one and five is better than two. We are a team of entrepreneurs working together for a common mission. As a part of that mission we are looking for someone who has the following skill sets and qualities: Someone who is a top producing sales person and loves the art of sellingSomeone who is self-motivated and has the ability to self-manage out of a home office.Somebody who is looking for a dynamic team that is building the highest quality sales performance and sales leadership-coaching program in the country. Not an ordinary job This is not an 8-5 p.m. kind of career. This is a do whatever it takes kind of career in which you have a passion for building your business with and within SWC. If you are looking for a company that will babysit you while you learn the job - this probably isn't the place for you. We want people who take the bull by the horns and who will work on figuring it out as they go. We will give you the words to say, the systems to use and the schedule to run with but you have to execute. You will have help and you will have support but more importantly you will have yourself and we expect you to use the talent in which we hired you for to figure this out. You will not be alone but we do expect you to work on your own as much as you work with us. This is not a place in which you will just be a coach, speaker or trainer without selling and practicing what you preach. To be a practitioner is to have integrity in our company. This is not a company in which you would expect a company car, corner office and cushy salary. We are entrepreneurs and want to create, build and grow a company that supports the type of environment that allows people to create their own schedule and build their own unique income streams through their passions in helping others. Desired Skills and Experience Skills/Requirements10+ yrs of proven sales excellenceWe are looking to add top producers to our team who can help other producers become top producers or take current top producers to the next level. As a part of that commitment to our clients we request that you supply last years w-2 in support of your proven sales excellence.2+ yrs of proven success in sales leadership and managementIn support of your proven success in sales leadership and management we ask that you please provide 2-3 references of people whom you managed in the last 5 years.Strong presentation skills in order to present clear and concise sales techniques, educate the audience, entertain the audience and sell the idea of coaching ??? all during the same 1 hr presentationStrong 1-on-1 communication skills in order to deliver customized and individual coaching advice on sales, leadership, time management, personal goals and anything else someone may need your help and accountability with in their businessAbility to self generate leads as well as build local relationships with national account companiesWork independently on a day-to-day basis while also communicating with your partner coaches, in different markets, on a weekly if not daily basis by phone, email or through our CRMOrganized and detail oriented individual who values open and constant communication with their teammatesGets stuff DONE!Sets a goal and then takes action to conquer itBelieves in having funIs always learning, growing and being stretchedDesires to be a part of something larger than themselvesIs a naturally gifted communicatorWorks hard but also likes to have fun while getting things done Must UnderstandNew technology and how to use it in your business. This includes but is not limited to social media, CRM platforms, business tools, social media and mobile appsPowerpoint, Word, Excel and Microsoft OutlookAdvanced skills with LinkedIn and how to teach others to use this in their businessLearn and implement all necessary skills in using our CRM - Infusionsoft

Company Description:

Southwestern Consulting (SWC) is the professional sales performance coaching, consulting and speaking division of the 160-year-old Southwestern Company. We focus on helping businesses and individuals reach their goals in life by providing 1-on-1 sales and leadership coaching and personal accountability. We accomplish this mission by applying proven principles and helping people create systems to be more efficient and effective with their time, their business, their money and their relationships.

Please don't be confused, this is a sales career. We are practicing sales professionals who have a passion for helping coach, teach and train those we come in contact to learn, grow and improve just as we do for ourselves. We sell, we coach, we train, we present, we educate and we continue our self-education at all times. We are individuals and we are a team.