Sourcing Email Addresses

Published: Aug 13, 2015

Ever want to send your resume or just a note to a key person at a prospective employer but you cannot seem to find their email address? I have two ideas for how to ensure you get your email into the right hands.

  1. Most companies use "first initial" followed by "last name" as the email string. Try that and see if you get an error message kicking back your email.
  2. Better yet go to Google and type in * followed by the @ sign and the domain name (e.g. * What will follow will be the results of your search like any other Google search, but this time any place on the internet where an email address is posted for this company will show up in the results. Pay close attention to the addresses that come up. You may get lucky and find the address for the person you want to contact. Overall you have a solid chance of seeing the email address for SOMEONE in the firm, in which case you shoud match the style of the email string, swapping out their name for the name of the person you want to email.

Getting your message in front of your target audience is a key battle point. This trick should help you clear this critical hurdle.


Good luck!!

David Lewis

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