Manager In Training

Rocky Hill
Oct 18, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Performs a variety of career development activities, including training, shadowing, self-instruction, and supervisory responsibilities at an accelerated pace for the purpose of becoming a Field Operations Manager in a 9 - 12 month time frame.

* Completes pre-work for and attends all corporate-sponsored schools designed for the operations management position in order to obtain knowledge necessary for future role. May attend additional training based on assigned business unit.

* Participates in daily functions of branch personnel such as taking fax and live payrolls, completing tax returns, weekly and monthly reporting, and distribution processes to become familiar with daily branch work requirements. Utilizes reference manuals, computer applications, and communication tools to learn job functions.

* Observes all branch functions and shadows branch supervisory personnel. Shadows Branch/Hub Manager, Payroll Sales Representatives, Branch Recruiter, and MMS, PBS, and PAS branch activities, to gain understanding of branch operation and interrelation of all positions.

* Visits region office, branches, and corporate departments to gain understanding of how all positions and departments work together toward Operations goal of essential partnership with clients.

* Demonstrates supervisory competencies by assisting with supervision of payroll functions and establishing a plan for payroll delivery and controllable and uncontrollable losses.

* Works with regional Operations Support Specialist to learn to resolve data integrity issues during daily payroll-taking function. Works with Operation Support Specialist on a pertinent regional project (if applicable) in order to obtain project management knowledge.

* Completes all administrative duties of a Core, Hub or Branch Manager, including facilitating meetings, interviews, client surveys, budgeting, sourcing, reference checks, and performance reviews, to obtain knowledge necessary for future role.