Grade 1 Dual Language English Teacher

New Haven
Oct 14, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Behavioral Specialist


Must have Bachelor's degree and/or Safety Management Training certified "S" code license; with experience working under the license.


* Conducts reliability checks with classroom staff regarding delivery of token system points

* Conducts intervention fidelity checks to insure proper implementation of procedures

* Conducts functional assessments in the manner prescribed by O'Neill et al (2001)

* Inputs and analyzes behavior data using the ABIL data base system

* Assist teacher in analyzing student behavioral and instructional (antecedent) data

* Record behavioral and instructional data in a timely, efficient and accurate manner

* Assess student reinforce strategies


* Implements established classroom behavior management procedures

* Implements established seclusion procedures

* Implements established ALA procedures

* Implements token program reinforcement system

* Implements aces safety management training procedures as prescribed

* Assists teacher with development of staff/student training materials

* Implement student ADL programs, including feeding and toileting

* Implement program generalization strategies in community, home and other environments


* Provide teacher with student behavior reports at team meetings and per request

* Participate in all staff meetings/trainings

* Communicate relevant behavior information to classroom team on a daily basis

* Complete all forms, reports and other paperwork in a timely, efficient and accurate manner

* Provide behavioral/instructional training and support for parents as needed

* Notify building principle of personal concerns in a timely manner


* Maintain current knowledge of each student's special circumstances and needs

* Understands core underlying principles of applied behavior analysis

* Knows New Haven Board of Education policies and procedures

* Knows Behavior Services policies and procedures

* Knows the building program's behavior management system

* Knows verbal and non-verbal intervention strategies

* Knows Physical Management Training procedures

* Knows all individual behavior support programs

* Knows how to use all relevant computer software programs

REPORTS TO: Director of Behavior Services/Building Principal


EMPLOYMENT: Established by the Board of Education

EVALUATION: Performance evaluated in accordance with provisions of the

Board of Education's policy on evaluation of personnel.


STATUS: 10 months - Local 884 (Range 18)


* Participates in assigned training and staff development opportunities

* Seeks out training and professional development opportunities

* Develops and completes yearly performance goals/or evaluations

* Provide student transportation as needed

* Uses all relevant computer software programs

* Complies with all relevant policies and procedures

* Organizes and maintains student/program information

* Complies with all local, state and federal laws and regulations

* Performs all other duties as assigned by supervisor

* Performs other duties as directed by building principal and/or BSC director