Full Stack Software Engineer - Front End

New York, NY, United States
Oct 06, 2016
Nov 10, 2016
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Direct Employer
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Full Time
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Our Teams
Join an agile team of professionals dedicated to building the next generation of travel applications. provides a unique opportunity for Developers to solve for every requirement that makes a great trip. From booking a flight anywhere in the world to renting that convertible for a cross country road trip, our teams thrive on providing the best life experiences for millions of customers.

Our Technology

Javascript has dominated the language sphere and with the continued strength of Node.js has placed Node.js at the forefront of what we use to build.
Our Developer culture dictates what we use and when. Our teams build products that we expect to stick around for a long period of time. We celebrate code bases that employ patterns as traditional as MVVM and as modern as Redux.
Code is our product, and at we will look to you to help us maintain, evolve, extend and modernize the products we build that help people experience the world.

Our Culture
The culture is one of collaboration and leadership. Self starters are encouraged to explore, fail fast and build new things. Set goals and achieve them through collaboration with your team. Join in various Developer forums lead by Developers of all levels. Build or attend a program and explore the benefits of modern technology.
Collaboration, ownership and innovation are our primary tenets.

Technical Spec's of our Full Stack Developers

Common Skills
  • Computer science, experience with Java, Python or Golang.
  • Software development patterns like OOP, Flux/Redux, Modular, MVVM, MVC, Observer.
  • ES2015 and functional JavaScript is a plus. Using methods like map, reduce and filter.
  • A healthy discipline of test driven development.

Front End Chops
  • Front end at means building stuff that our millions of customers will use and interact with. Some things we look for in front end skills include:
  • Proficiency with JavaScript core language features and functionality. String manipulation, working on collections, build and destroying DOM elements, event based development, ajax etc...
  • Experience building and maintaining front-end applications with modern frameworks and tools like Angular.js, React.js, Ember.js or Vue.js.
  • Being familiar with terms like "partials" and "components".
  • Ability to author and maintain semantic and accessible markup.
  • At we are all about style, so CSS is a must for front end development. Understanding of practical uses of responsive design, the use of tools like SASS, and the authoring modular css.

The Server Side
  • Full stack development of course requires that we know something about the server, databases and how they work. At we employ a number of technologies on our servers so having expertise in these topics is something we look for.
  • Understanding of Node.js and how it works. Experience with common libraries like Express.js and routing. The prevention and detection of memory leaks, security, logging, middleware and the use templates.
  • Struts MVC as it applies to web application development.
  • Development and maintenance of micro-services as it applies to API development and orchestration. An example would be GraphQL, or content services.
  • The use of SQL or noSQL database science and how they relate and work with server technology. Opening and closing of connections to databases and CRUD operations.
  • Got Golang? Help us with our POC's and bringing technology to life here at