Accountant (Staff) - Public Accounting

Crossroads Consulting
Oct 11, 2016
Oct 26, 2016
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Direct Employer
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Full Time
Job Description:

You know that feeling you get when you walk down the street and happen to look down and find a $20 dollar bill? You do? That was mine I swear...if you can send it to me sooner rather than later it would be very much appreciated. Well, imagine the feeling you'd have if instead of finding a twenty you found $40K - $55K! You think that would put a smile on your face? Getting a career started in public accounting these days is about as easy as getting Alec Baldwin to have dinner with a paparazzi photographer. Well, our client, one we've worked with now for 19 years, is looking for someone with just one to two years of tax and general accounting experience who is on their way to building a career in public accounting.You will be doing a lot of work with a lot of small businesses, some manufacturers and non-profits and quite a few high net worth individuals. OUTSTANDING communication skills are therefore a must. If you can't speak well and can only communicate through text messaging and emails, this isn't for you. One of the other major perks which in this economy these days I guess having any job counts, is that this position is earmarked for promotion to management so if that appeals to you and you demonstrate talent they will reward it handsomely or "prettily" if you happen to be a woman... ; I'm sorry but with all these new politically correct terms I'm a little lost. For example, the new politically correct title for what we do is "Executive Recruiter." In the old days, it was "Self-Important Blowhard." Hey, times change. Anyhow, that side trip eliminated, to qualify for this gig you'll need the following - A 4 year Accounting degree from a reputable school - A dynamic personality that people rally to (that rules me out) - Steady employment without job hoping - at least one year of accounting experience in the aforementioned areas and you need to be a QuickBooks expert. Now if you've got what it takes to score this one, then you'll email us a resume right away as there is a $40K - $55K base (nice benefits and bonus) awaiting the winner of this competition. Send MS Word Resume today

Company Description:

Crossroads Consulting, LLC is the world's most unique Executive Recruiting / Employment Agency. Where else can you find Recruiters who use humor and a relaxed environment to bring together highly effective professionals and some of the nation's best employers?

Crossroads Consulting, LLC offers a wide range of services for job seekers, from resume writing to interview preparation to salary negotiation strategies and so much more.

But let's drop all of this real heavy-handed, "professional" pretense.

Our philosophy is simple; not everything in life needs to be harsh, dispassionate and cold... If you really wanted to be treated like that, there's always the DMV.

But seriously, since 1996 our generalist recruiting experience has allowed us to serve a wide array of clients while the most unique business model in the employment industry has made us stand out among the best Executive Recruiters in the business.

While Crossroads Consulting, LLC find all kinds of work, we do find however that our strongest work has come in the following specialty areas:

Administrative & Clerical
Engineering & Technical
Medical & Science
Transportation and so MANY more