Jewish Senior Services

Director, Child Care Center (Full-time)

Fairfield, Connecticut
Oct 07, 2016
Dec 06, 2016
Education, Healthcare
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time

For over 40 years, Jewish Senior Services has been a leader and trusted provider of skilled nursing and senior care services.

Through the years, the needs of seniors and the community have changed and we have responded by introducing community programs with “Jewish Senior Services” as the umbrella for our services. Our vision is to be the premier provider to support individuals and families.

Position Description: 
The Director is a member of the teaching team and leadership team who is the leader of The Jewish Home Child Care Center. The Director is responsible for the care and education of the children enrolled in the Jewish Home Child Care Center. The Director must combine skills, knowledge and caring.

Reports To: Director, Community Services

Titles Supervised: Child Care Assistant, Child Care Teacher, Preschool Teacher

Essential Responsibilities: The Director must fill a variety of roles which include business management, day-to-day operation of the Center and communication with people in varied positions. The Director must be a good leader, bookkeeper, manager, model, coach and supporter.

Program Management
1. Defines policies of admission, attendance, tuition and educational goals. 
2. Handles relicensing and licensing corrections.
3. Coordinates Care4Kids with the State of Connecticut and parents.
4. Works to implement the State of Connecticut Quality Improvement Rating System.
5. Prepares and implements The Jewish Home Child Care Center Parent Handbook
6. Supervises the management of classroom schedules, scheduling the responsibilities of the teaching staff and weekly staff schedules. 
7. Assists with the promotion of the intergenerational programs with the children, parents and community.
8. Orients new staff, through an orientation program, to the Jewish Home Child Care Center’s policies and procedures.
9. Orients parents to The Jewish Home Child Care Center Parent Handbook.
10. Creates a warm, pleasant environment for the children, families and staff.
11. Tracks children and increases enrollment where necessary and handles wait list.
12. Manages Parent Open House. 

Fiscal Responsibilities
1. Collects registration fees and tuition and tracks account receivables and orders supplies.
2. Prepares the annual Child Care budget.
3. Manages the Child Care operating and capital budget.
4. Manages the Child Care capital budget.

Personnel Administration
1. Provides leadership skills to work on building a high quality team.
2. Conducts staff meetings.
3. Helps to establish effective quality communication among staff.
4. Evaluates staff performance and completes staff evaluations.
5. Prepares job descriptions. 
6. Keeps observations, anecdotal notes, and other documentation for personnel records.
7. Keeps records up-to-date on staff, i.e., physicals, PPDs, first aid training, CPR and mandated state educational hours.
8. Helps with conflict resolution among staff as necessary.
9. Sets up and prepares staff workshops and training.
10. Recruits, hires, orients, supervise, coordinate and evaluate all staff activities and performance.

Health and Safety
1. Meets weekly and works with the health consultant from The Jewish Home in establishing and implementing policies and procedures regarding medication policies and safety, allergies and foods, disease prevention, and staff training.
2. Updates weekly The Jewish Home Child Care Center Health Consultant/Nursing Log.
3. Communicates with parents regarding updating immunizations and physicals.
4. Works with referral systems for children with special needs

Essential Responsibilities (cont):
5. As a member of the Safety Committee meets with the Safety Committee quarterly to insure the safety of the staff, children and families. 
6. Makes sure the building and playgrounds are safe and up to Town and State Licensing Codes and Regulations at all times.

Children’s Programming
1. Assures the safety, hygiene and well-being of all of the children enrolled at The Jewish Home Child Care Center.
2. Plans and equips outdoor and indoor areas to all for the development of each individual child’s developmental needs with age appropriate materials.
3. Oversees curriculum development and implementation.
4. Arranges field trips.

Community Outreach
1. Compiles a Resource Directory of available, local, community, state and national agencies, organizations, journals, websites, consultants and educational facilities.
2. Meets with parents, on an as needed basis, to help them with developmental, challenging behavior or other issues of concern to them with regard to their child. 
3. Researches subject areas to lend support to families and help to provide some assistance and suggestions for them.
4. Promotes cultural diversity for the program throughout the community.
5. Networks with Directors throughout the area through the Regional Director’s Network, The Southern Connecticut and Mid-Fairfield Connecticut divisions of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
6. Works to develop flyers and brochures for marketing.

Commitment to Professionalism
1. Is guided by the Core Values of The Jewish Home for the Elderly.
2. Promotes The Jewish Home Child Care Center’s mission and vision.
3. Promotes the Center’s philosophy and educational objectives.
4. Maintains professional attitude, appearance and loyalty to the program at all times.
5. Maintains confidentiality regarding staff, families and children at all times.
6. Engages in ongoing staff development to improve personal and professional skills. 
7. Supports the professional growth and development of colleagues by sharing materials and information and providing helpful feedback and encouragement.
8. Demonstrates a desire to grow and be open to new ideas of suggestions and constructive feedback.
9. Has comprehensive knowledge of The Jewish Home for the Elderly Employee Handbook, The State of Connecticut Rules and Regulations for Child Care Centers, The Jewish Home Parent Handbook, and any policies and procedures specific to The Jewish Home Child Care Center.
10. Any other tasks as needed by the Department.

Minimum Qualifications:
Education: Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field, State of Connecticut Director’s Credential preferred.

Experience: 2-5 years as an Assistant Director or a Director of a Child Care Center

Licensure: A valid work permit, which must be proven with necessary documentation as specified on an I-9 form.