Manufacturing Team Lead, Machining (2nd Shift)

Triumph Group, Inc.
Oct 06, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
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Triumph Engine Control Systems is a leading global independent aerospace fuel system supplier for the commercial, military, helicopter and business jet markets. Based in West Hartford, CT, Triumph employs approximately 500 employees. The Company's key products and services include electronic engine controls, fuel metering units and main fuel pumps for both the OE and aftermarket / spares end markets. Triumph is recruiting a Manufacturing Supervisor to join the machining area and lead a 2nd shift crew. This position is responsible to meet and exceed safety, quality, production, and delivery metrics in a production environment. The incumbent will directly supervise 10- 25 production employees working on the 2nd shift in a union manufacturing environment. The Supervisor will schedule shift production work and hold the staff accountable for meeting production expectations. Responsibilities include:

* Hire, interview, train, direct work, provide performance guidance, reward, and discipline employees when necessary. Address employee issues, troubleshoot, and resolve problems, analyze work orders, establish time estimates, and create production schedules that meet internal and external needs and demands.

* Establish and/or adjust work procedures to meet production budgets, schedules, and on-time delivery.

* Interpret specifications, blue prints, and job orders to lead production employees and assign duties.

* Plan the flow of materials through the machining/special process cells and develop the physical layout of equipment to respond to production demands.

* Direct staff in adjusting machines and equipment to rework components that fail to meet quality standards.

* Support the disposition of parts to minimize production line stops.

* Develop, recommend, and implement measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and product quality.

* Promote Teamwork between the operators and the Manufacturing Engineers to improve our processes.

* Lead department initiatives to implement Continuous Improvements/Lean initiatives to remove waste.

* Drive a work environment of increasing safety awareness, and supervise departmental Health & Safety Risk Assessments.

* Ensure all safety programs and procedures are performed during the assigned shift.

* Manage the tool and gage kit area to supply the manufacturing cells as necessary.

* Assist the materials team in developing and executing a good Kanban replenishment system.

Job Requirements :

* 2+ years' production management experience desired.

* 2+ years' manufacturing engineering or production supervisory in a machining/manufacturing business desired.

* Machining background/experience.

* Bachelor's degree in business, engineering, or a technical field desired.

* Strong business acumen coupled with mental aptitude and motivation to learn new functions and expand areas of expertise.

* Manage all major issues in primary practice areas with minimal supervision.

* Demonstrate initiative and advanced interpersonal skills in team problem solving situations, relationship building and aligning with business goals.

* Knowledgeable of good machining practices.

* Knowledgeable of various special processes for component manufacturing including NADCAP requirements.

* Ability and willingness to travel approximately 5%.

All Positions at Triumph Engine Control Systems require access to information or technology that is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and other US government security regulations. These laws do not permit access rights to non-US Citizens or to other unauthorized individuals. Therefore, presently all applicants must be US Citizens or US Permanent Residents (*green card holders*) and/or otherwise comply with ITAR requirements for access rights to be considered for a position.

An Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans

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