Kitchen Utility Worker Mulberry Gardens 24 Hours

William Backus Hospital
Oct 06, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Reporting to the Executive Chef, the Kitchen Utility Worker maintains the cleanliness of the kitchen area including both the room and all of the utensils and equipment commonly found in a commercial kitchen.


* Clean dishwasher and maintain it in working order.

* Clean cookware and mall-ware daily. Use all cleaning products and chemicals according to health department standards maintaining proper pH balance throughout cleaning cycle.

* Returns all clean cookware, mall-ware and other kitchen items to proper storage area.

* Follow daily sanitation cleaning schedule containing both routine and occasional cleaning functions, including but not limited to washing cooking pots and utensils, deep cleaning kitchen equipment and washing kitchen walls and floors.

* Receive deliveries to the kitchen, compare items received to invoice for confirmation of correct delivery.

* Maintain the highest standard of personal hygiene.

* Assist with food preparation as directed by the Executive Chef, including but not limited to peeling vegetables, chopping large food items.

* Responsible for promoting an environment that results in resident satisfaction by exhibiting a positive attitude and timely response to resident needs and requests.

* Follow department policies and procedures and federal, state and local laws and regulations, where applicable.

* All other duties as required and consistent with the education and skills required for

this position.

* Demonstrate commitment to the Planetree philosophy.

* High School diploma or equivalent certificate preferred.

* Previous experience working with the elderly and /or disabled in a paid or volunteer position is highly desirable.

* Ability to read, write and speak English.

* Working knowledge of the use of commercial dishwasher and other cleaning equipment generally found in a commercial kitchen.

* Ability to be flexible and work in an environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration.

* Excellent verbal communication skills, and the ability to relate in a positive and professional way to a diverse resident and employee population.

* Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality regarding residents, employees, staff and the community.

* Demonstrated ability to set priorities, complete assignments in a timely manner, while managing multiple duties and responsibilities.

* Physically able to move at least 50 lbs. with or without assistance.

* Physically able to bend, reach and work in small areas.

* Physically able to push and pull equipment and furnishing

* Physically able to stand for long periods of time.