Sales Executive/Backup F&I

Oct 06, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
* Build and maintain relationships with customers and all Gengras employees.

* Determine each customer's vehicle needs by asking questions and listening.

* Thoroughly understand new products, features, accessories and their benefits to customers.

* Deliver vehicles to customers ensuring that the customer understands the vehicle's operating features, warranty and paperwork.

* Understand and exceed pay plan goals.

* Attend daily sales meetings.

* Complete understanding of DealerSocket and BDC functions.

* Maintain an owner follow up system that encourages repeat/referral business and contributes to customer satisfaction.

* Review and analyze actions at the end of each day, week, month and year to determine how to better use time, and plan more effectively.

* To build and maintain relationships with our customers, vendors and Gengras employees.

* Selling financing and credit life, accident, and health insurance.

* Working with the New and Used Vehicle Manager to communicate lender guidelines as they apply to a variety of customer profiles and inventory.

* Convert cash deals to finance.

* Process finance and lease deals accurately and fairly through a variety of financial sources to secure approval.

* Process all federal, state and dealer paperwork related to vehicle transaction.

* Understand and comply with federal, state and local regulations that affect the new and used vehicle and finance departments.

* Complete paperwork necessary for vehicle sales in a timely and efficient manner.

* Check all paperwork for correct title, lien information and taxes before forwarding to accounting.

* Acquire and maintain current state insurance license, completing continuing credit insurance education as needed.

* Set up and maintain a program which will ensure 100 percent turnover to the Finance and Insurance department.

* Provide sales force and sales managers with current information about finance and lease programs continually.

* Train the sales staff regarding the benefits of the dealership's financing, insurance and extended service programs.

* Coordinate finance forecasting with sales department forecasting to achieve desired levels of penetration and income.

* Ensure collection of all finance and insurance fees.


* Exposure to indoor and outdoor environments in a variety of weather conditions.

* Moderate exposure to noise and vehicle fumes.

* Able to perform simple motor skills motor skills such as standing, walking.

* Able to perform simple manipulative skills.

* Able to perform gross body coordination such as walking, stooping.

* Able to see objects far away as in driving.

* Able to discriminate colors as in vehicle color.

* Able to hear normal sounds with some background noise.

* Able to remember tasks/assignments.

* Possess attention span in order to remain focused on assignments.

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