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Oct 04, 2016
Oct 19, 2016
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We know you have a bright future in mind, and can't wait to be a part of it.

Our Restaurant Teams are the boots on the ground- from the cooks serving up roasted sweet potatoes and perfectly pink flank steak, to the market servers and cashiers serving up smiles and seasonal veggies all day long. Our kitchen is designed using the classical Brigade system-which means no matter where you start out with us, you'll have mentorship, and a clear career path for growth. We offer a variety of positions and

We offer a variety of positions but no matter what, a love for great food will have you executing recipes and smiling at customers with equal enthusiasm. You'll learn from station leaders, offering up your own ideas and collaborating with like-minded people, with the opportunity to grow into the leadership positions of Cold Lead, Hot Lead, and Executive Chef/General Manager

Team favorites: Potlucks, soccer, fulfilling customer doodle requests (go on, try us).

A Day Inn the Life

• Step into the restaurant with a smile on your face and a pep in your step

• Use your (possibly newly acquired) knife skills and various culinary techniques to prep, mix, and cook

veggies, readying them for their moment in the spotlight

• Follow recipes and your taste buds. At Dig Inn, recipes are a guide, not a rule

• Make each and every guest's day by providing consistently delicious food

• Speak to current menu offerings, seasonality, and promotions with ease

• Be a team player-you're the first to jump in if someone's falling behind, and always keep your station clean

• Go home feeling fulfilled (and full)

• Learn, grow, and rise in the ranks

The Dig Inn Way

We serve seasonal American food, mostly vegetables, from farmers and partners as close to home as possible. We

believe our food choices have the power to leave the world a little better than we found it. Our mission is to train the

next generation of cooks, chefs, and restaurateurs, and help small and mid-sized farms scale sustainably. From

paddock to plate, we're building community.

It's taken a lot of work (and Brussels) to arrive where we are. But this is only the beginning. We're looking to make a

big difference in the food industry, and we need your help.


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