Marketing Specialist

Blasting News
New York
Sep 17, 2016
Oct 15, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
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Main Goal: Speed up the growth of Blasting News in the US market. Main Responsibilities Business Development responsibilities: Search, identify, and reach out to new potential blasters (passionate writers, journalists, freelancers) to join Blasting News in the US; Deal with Universities and other institutions (e.g., educational) to attract talented, young writers. Marketing responsibilities: Identify and implement direct marketing activities to grow Blasting News blaster base, e.g. member gets member promotions; Stimulate the blasters to have an active contribution on Blasting News; Support the blasters teaching digital media competences and skills; Manage the US community of blasters; Ensure that high quality contents are published on Blasting News. Career objective: The successful US Marketing Specialist has the career objective to increase Blasting News market share in the US, organize a dedicated team, and become the US Country Manager, assuming full responsibility on the US market development. Job Location: New York (NY). Skills and Experience: Being a native English-speaker (fluency in more than one language is considered a strong plus); Strong team-working skills; Excellent writing skills; Passion for online media and social journalism; Desire to make a difference in the web world and a clear knowledge of the latest news and innovation in the industry; Willingness to contribute to the creation of a new success case, bringing great energy and positive attitude; Ability to make things happen", going beyond daily tasks; Strong entrepreneurial attitude, proactivity and focus on innovation. Attitude At Blasting News, attitude is more important than competence. This is the real key to success: Be entrepreneurial, proactive, and innovative; Get things done; The easier, the better; Never complain: focus on solutions, dont focus on problems; Lead by example, driving everybody else in the company towards better results; Love positive pressure and new daily challenges; Go beyond the assigned daily tasks; Learn fast; Listen first and be humble; Be fair. Its not easy to work here. You can work long, hard, or smart, but you cant choose two out of three. But we are working to build something important, something that we can all tell our grandchildren about. Such things arent meant to be easy. What you are applying to: Launched in mid-2013, Blasting News is now the fastest growing global news publisher: the 248th most visited website in the world (Alexa Ranking), counting on 68+ million monthly unique visitors and 1 million blasters from 34 countries, who publish 16.000+ original news each month in 24 different languages. Blasting News has been selected and funded by Google Innovation Fund (DNI) to revolutionize digital information in Europe. Blasting News has offices in London (Head-Quarters), New York, Sao Paulo, Milan and Rome. Blasting News has an ambitious goal: to make our world a better place, giving everyone the possibility of sharing ideas with a global audience and enjoying truly independent information. Blasting News is made by the people, made for the people: at the core, Blasting News is a news publisher totally fueled and curated by the crowd: news is produced by delocalized contributors (Blasters) and fact-checked and curated by a quality team of professionals (Senior Blasters). Both Blasters and Senior Blasters are paid based on performance; in addition to this, the best news may be distributed around by the Social Blasters, a global team of digital influencers selected through application and interviews. All the core processes are managed by technology: e.g., homepages are handled by a patent-pending algorithm without human intervention. Blasting News has a very innovative proposition: 100% Independent Blasting News encourages a wide range of points of view. All blasters can freely choose the topic and the medium of their contents. Blasting News has adopted the George Whitefields principle of Well just have to agree to disagree. 100% Democratic Blasting News does not have any central editorial office: we have developed a technology that promotes the most interesting, highest quality news, taking into account a huge number of factors. 100% Meritocratic Blasters earn money thanks to a simple quality-based system: the more people that read the content, the more money the Blaster receives. Money comes from advertisement sold on the webpages.