Welder for Garbage Containers and Trucks

Westchester County, NY
Sep 14, 2016
Nov 13, 2016
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time

The Welder performs repairs and fabrication to front load, rear load and roll-off garbage trucks. The candidate must have extensive experience with this type of work. We are looking for expert welders who can work independently to complete tasks assigned in a timely, professional manner.

Principal Responsibilities:
• Performs welding repairs and fabrication on front, rear load, and roll-off trucks.
• Cuts, Bends, Welds steel and aluminum components.
• Fabricates steel components on truck bodies.
• Follows all safety policies and procedures and completes all paperwork required.
• Adheres Company and safety decals on containers.

Requirements/ Benefits:
• Extensive experience with front, rear load and roll off collection vehicles.
• Safe, professional environment
• Union benefits including insurance, severance, pension, paid time off

EXPERIENCED APPLICANTS ONLY: Please contact Joe at (914) 873-8233, fax (914) 698-0364